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Congrats to Mitt Romney for receiving the thumping he so richly deserved

It is quite refreshing to know that the majority of the voters decided that they weren’t about to elect Mitt as their “Liar in Chief.” This is especially true in the so-called swing states of Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.
Romney’s sorrowful tactic of engaging in serial lying finally caught up with him. His patently false campaign statements about Obama and Jeep, Welfare work-requirements and Obama’s nonexistent Apology Tour, just to mention a few, didn’t have the intended effect of fooling the voters.
It is somewhat distressing to know that despite his world setting record of flip-flops and outright lies, that Mitt was able to garner over 57 million votes. I believe that the vast majority of Romney voters actually cast a vote against Obama for a variety of reasons. If Romney only received the votes of folks that actually supported him and his fanciful agenda, he likely would have been lucky to garner 25 million votes.
Now Mitt will be relegated to doing what he does best, which is to buy up more American companies and factories, close them down, fire the employees and pocket millions in the process.
And lastly, Congrats to Mitt for proving that a congenital liar cannot as George Bush said, “Fool all the people all the time.”
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