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Justice Michael Gableman of Wisconsin; scofflaw, moron, ethically comatose

Justice Michael Gableman is a fabricator of false facts and a certified moron, and those are his good points.
Unfortunately, Justice Michael Gableman was successful in duping the voters of Wisconsin in voting for him as a Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
Justice Michael Gableman’s opponent in the race was incumbent Justice Louis Butler.
Recognizing that he was an intellectual elf; certified moron, and more importantly ethically insolvent, Justice Michael Gableman determined that in order to defeat Justice Louis Butler he would be required to publish as many false facts as possible about Justice Butler’s past conduct.
Put simply, Justice Michael Gableman was more than willing to engage in any type of deceit and/or misrepresentation to defeat Justice Butler. Justice Michael Gableman’s mantra was “Win at any cost and to hell with the truth, so sayeth the Lord!”
During his campaign against Justice Butler, Justice Michael Gableman spewed forth the following outright lies and/or fabrications:
  • Falsely implied that Justice Butler was responsible for the release of a convicted pedophile that molested a girl upon being paroled
  • Falsely asserted that Justice Butler was soft on crime
After an ethics complaint was filed against Justice Michael Gableman with the Wisconsin Judicial Commission, the Commission issued its findings on Oct. 7, 2008. In their findings, the Commission found Justice Michael Gableman guilty of the following egregious misconduct.
  • Gableman’s advertisement that Justice Butler enabled the release of a pedophile who re-offended was false
  • Gableman published his false accusations against Justice Butler he knew such claims were in fact false
  • Gableman’s statements v. Justice Butler were made knowingly or with reckless disregard for the truth
In his defense of the charges of the Judicial Commission, Justice Michael Gableman had the chutzpah (aka, ignorance) to defend his false and defamatory commentary by arguing that pursuant to the 1st Amendment (Free Speech) the Wisconsin Supreme Court could not discipline him for his false statements about Justice Butler.
Now folks, ya gotta be one big-time moron (my sincerest apologies to well-intentioned morons) to argue that the 1st Amendment allows you to publish false, fabricated and defamatory statement about your opponent in a race for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
To be excruciatingly fair to Justice Michael Gableman, it may well be true that he isn’t the congenital liar that the Judicial Commission found him to be. After all its my understand that Justice Michael Gableman’s lips weren’t moving when these patently false accusation against Justice Butler were made. Need I say more?
As of this date (ca. September 2009) the Wisconsin Supreme Court has yet to determine if Justice Michael Gableman should be punished for his egregious misconduct.
Given the track record of the enablers and apologists sitting on Judicial Commissions and State Supreme Courts, I’m confident that Justice Michael Gableman will be rewarded with a “complimentary reprimand.” As they say, stay tuned!
How did this certified buffoon ever angle his way to gain a seat on the highest court in Wisconsin. I suspect he did it the old fashioned way, which is that he acted as lackey, bootlicker and apple-polisher for the local political hacks in Wisconsin. That’s how!
And lastly, since Justice Michael Gableman was an attorney when he spewed forth a plethora of falsehoods against Justice Butler, can this really be considered to be misconduct? After all, if every attorney in Wisconsin was disciplined for lying there wouldn't be many of them around anymore, right? Clearly, lying is an Olympian sport for the vast majority of attorneys in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

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