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Judge Daniel Banina of Peru, Indiana; misogynist; moron, ethical gremlin


In February 2007, Judge Daniel Banina decided it was time to cement his status as a misogynist and certified moron.
A matter came before Judge Daniel Banina involving a mother and father who were divorced but living together. The couple had one child; however the mother was given sole custody during prior divorce proceedings.
In January 2007, the mother decided to move and took the child with her. The father called the local police to intervene and demanded that the child remain with him.
The father’s so-called attorney Price filed a petition to establish paternity which included an emergency order granting the father temporary custody of the child.
Judge Daniel Banina granted the emergency order the very next day in favor of the father.
Judge Daniel Banina granted the father’s emergency order without ever even attempting to provide notice to the mother that he was going to so act. The only notice the mother ever received was service of the emergency petition two weeks after the father’s lawyer filed it.
One of the most basic constitutional rights we enjoy is “due process.” Due process guarantees us the right to “notice” and the ‘right to be heard” before our property and/or rights are trampled upon by a certified moron such as Judge Daniel Banina.
Apparently, Judge Daniel Banina believes that “due process” is the means by which the grass becomes moist in the a.m.
When an ethics complaint was filed against Judge Daniel Banina for his knowing violation of the mother’s constitutional due process rights, Judge Daniel Banina defended his moronic and unethical behavior by saying he “made a mistake.”
Judge Daniel Banina went on to defend his unconstitutional conduct by stating, “I thought I was doing the right thing at the time.” Now, ya gotta be one big time moron to claim “ignorance of the law” as a defense, right?
Why don’t you try the defense of “ignorance of the law” when you’re cited for doing 85 mpg in a 55 mph zone? This it’ll work?
Unfortunately, this moron continues to sit on the bench in Peru, Indiana. Isn’t that comforting?
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