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Judge Nora Anderson of New York City; lifetime porker, ethical gnome

The state of New York presented Nora Anderson with a law license in 1983 after she graduated from Brooklyn Law School.
After she received her law license in 1983, Nora has had her significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough. For the last 28 out of 29 years, Nora has relied on public employment as set forth below.
  1. 1982-1986 – Legal Aid Society trial attorney
  2. 1987-1992 – Senior Law Clerk for Judge Albert P. Williams
  3. 1994-1995 – Private practice
  4. 1996- 2008 – Surrogate Court New York County Chief Deputy Clerk
  5. 2009-2012 – Judge Surrogate Court
The New York Judicial Commission found Judge Anderson guilty of the following misconduct.
Judge Anderson had a close relationship with attorney Seth Rubenstein, which led to him bequeathing her $500,000 in his last will. In April 2008, Nora became a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Surrogate Court of New York County (New York City). Nora’s opponents in the Democratic primary were attorney John J. Reddy, Jr. and Supreme Court Justice Milton A. Tingling. Winning the primary was a guarantee to being elected since there was no Republican candidate on the ballot in the general election.
During her 2008 campaign for Surrogate Court Judge, Nora received a $100,000 gift and a $150,000 loan from Seth Rubenstein. The limit for an individual donation from a non-family member during the election was $33,122.50, but there was no limit on how much a candidate could contribute to his/her own campaign. Nora funneled the funds from Seth into her campaign account, falsely claiming she had made the loan and donation to herself.
In December 2008, Nora and Seth Rubenstein were indicted by a grand jury on felony charges for filing false documents and falsifying business records. They were subsequently acquitted of both charges by relying on loopholes in the campaign finance laws.
The truth of the matter is that Nora illegally purchased her seat on the Surrogate Court by engaging in a scheme with attorney Seth Rubenstein to divert $250,000 into her campaign. Nora’s misconduct led to her defeat of Supreme Court Justice Milton A. Tingling and attorney John J. Reddy, Jr.
Nora’s misconduct means that she’ll be sitting on the Surrogate Court until 2022. By then she’ll have spent forty (40) years ingesting public pork and will likely retire with a pension of about $125,000 plus lifetime health insurance. Who was the moron that said, “crime doesn’t pay?”
As a consequence of her misconduct, the Patron Saints for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Judicial Commission punished Nora by gifting her with a complimentary censure.
Judicial Commission Hyperbolic (BS) Comments
The Judicial Commission had the chutzpah to make the following comments in giving the proverbial wink and a nod to Nora’s egregious misconduct.
“A judge’s election is tarnished and the integrity of the judiciary is adversely affected by misconduct that circumvents the ethical standards imposed on judicial candidates and provides an unfair advantage over other candidates who respect and abide by the rules.”
“In such cases, we must consider whether allowing the respondent [Nora] to retain his or her judgeship would reward misconduct and encourage other judicial candidates to ignore the rules, knowing that they may reap the fruits of their misconduct.”
The members of the Commission clearly missed their collective callings as standup comedians by making such a BS statement and then voting to allow Nora to benefit from her misconduct by remaining on the bench for the next ten (10) years. What an unmitigated joke!
As we speak (ca. October 2012) Nora continues to sit on the Surrogates Court in New York City.
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