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Do voters really give a damn about the so-called Benghazi-gate?

Mitt Romney and assorted nutcases associated with the right wing must actually believe that a vast majority of voters actually give a damn about the timing of announcements from the Obama administration that the killing of the Libyan ambassador was an act of terror.
To listen to some of these whacked-out-Loons like John Sununu, you’d think that this issue is more important to the voters than the economy or jobs.
Of course it was unfortunate that the ambassador to Libya was killed. However, whether he was killed because of an “act of terror” or because of the publication of an anti-Muslim movie is irrelevant.
The right-wing neo-cons working for Romney who have complained the loudest are the same lunatics that persuaded Bush to start a war with Iraq by lying about WMD. They’re the same screwballs that want to start a war with Iran and/or Syria if Romney’s elected.
Giving any credibility to this group of moronic hypocrites would be akin to relying on Jerry Sandusky to comment on meaningful ways to expose practicing pedophiles.
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