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What should Obama ask Romney re: Miscellaneous Moochers (M&Ms)?

We are all aware of the video wherein Mitt displays his utter contempt for 47% of Americans who he arrogantly referred to as moochers and takers.
During one of the presidential debates, Obama should ask Mitt the following questions in regards to the 47 per-centers. It’s a simple question of asking Mitt who are members of the moocher class.
In fact, if it was me I’d do it during the October 22 debate being held in Boca Raton because that’s where Mitt spewed forth his venomous speech before a group of millionaire and billionaire Super Patriots.
  1. Are the disabled vets residing at the Iowa Veterans Home moochers?
  2. Is the 5-year-old girl suffering from Downs Syndrome living in Houston a moocher?
  3. Is the 86-year-old Grandma suffering from Alzheimer’s living in Atlanta a moocher?
  4. Is every senior living in Florida that survives on Social Security a moocher?
  5. Is the middle class student from Boise receiving a Pell Grant a moocher?
It sure would be interesting to see how Mitt answers each of these questions. Being a betting man, I'm thinking Mitt's answers will just add to his leading flip-flopping record.
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