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Mitt Romney embarks on 3rd strategy change to defeat Obama

Since he won the Republican nomination, Mitt has undergone several makeovers in regards to his so-called strategy to unseat Obama. Mitts past strategies are:
  • No. 1 – paint Obama as a sort of a bad guy
  • No. 2 – paint Obama as a good guy who is in over his head

Mitt’s new and allegedly improved strategy is to paint Obama as a serial liar. Given Mitt’s world class standing as a flip-flopper and fabricator of false facts, this doesn’t seem to be a wise move. And if it doesn’t pan out, Mitt will be forced to come up with his 4th strategic plan to beat Obama.

An unreliable source indicated that America’s most respected and admired political maven, Newt Gingrich, has advised Mitt that a winning strategy would be to accuse Obama of being a white man.
Newt went on to opine that such a claim would likely result in Mitt closing the gap with Obama in regards to the Latino and African-American vote.
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