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Mitt Romney’s Hyperbolic (BS) rant against Teachers Unions

During an interview with Brian Williams at NBC’s Education Nation Summit on Sept 26, Mitt said,
“I believe that we simply cannot have setting where the teachers union are able to contribute tens of millions of dollars to the campaigns of politicians and then politicians, when elected, stand across from them at the bargaining table, supposedly to represent the interest of the kids.”
During Bush’s term as president, Vice President Cheney invited the CEOs of major energy companies to the Whitehouse to discuss and then draft the country’s energy policy. Of course these same CEOs and/or the companies contributed millions to the Bush and Cheney campaigns.
I do not recall Mitt Romney attacking the efficacy of allowing energy executives who contributed millions to his campaigns sitting across from him at the bargaining table in setting the future energy policy for the United States.
The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of teachers, employed and/or retired belong to that magical 47% that Mitt finds contemptuous.
Mitt’s true goal is to decimate all unions and thereby eliminate a source of campaign funds for Democrats.
Mitt’s rant against the teacher’s unions gives Hyperbole and Hypocrisy a bad name!
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