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Attorney Linda Eckelman of Lawrence, KS; potty mouth loser

The Kansas Supreme Court presented Linda Louise Eckelman with a law license in 1982.
In 2007 the Kansas Supreme Court found Linda guilty of the following misconduct.
In one matter, Linda represented a client during a criminal jury trial in the Ford County District Court. After the victim in the case testified, the court called a morning recess. During the recess, some of the female jurors and the victim went into the same bathroom. The defendant’s wife observed this and told Linda that some jurors and the victim in the case were in the bathroom at the same time and that they may have a conversation with each other.
Linda then informed Judge Hampton about the matter. She advised the judge that he would declare a mistrial. The judge asked the bailiff to gather the jurors, and then returns to his chambers.
Linda then went to the bathroom where she observed the victim and some jurors. She then spoke to the court reporter and told her that the judge was going to grant a mistrial because jurors had been talking to the victim in the bathroom. Linda was upset and wanted to know why jurors were wandering around the courthouse. During the conversation, she found it appropriate to use profanity.
Linda then followed the court reporter into Judge Hampton’s chambers where she told him that he must declare a mistrial. Judge Hampton explained that first, he need to interview the jurors to determine wether there was cause to declare a mistrial. Potty-mouth Linda kept demanding a mistrial and stated the situation was “bullshit.” She then shouted at Judge Hampton that he wouldn’t grant a mistrial for a defendant if the defendant “ate shit.” Judge Hampton told Linda to calm down or he would hold her contempt. Linda told him to go ahead and cite her for contempt, which he immediately did and fined her $100.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the apologists for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Kansas Supreme Court punished Linda by gifting her with a complimentary censure.
As we speak (ca. September 2012) Linda practices with The Eckelman Law Office LLC at 123 West 8th Street in Lawrence, Kansas.
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