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Florida Judge Peter Bell a moron; ethical gimp, certified mysogynist

Judge Peter Bell of Punta Gorda, Florida is not only a moron and ethical gimp, he’s a a practicing misogynist.
On March 14, 2008, while sitting as a judge in Charlotte County, an attorney who was a frequent-flier in Judge Peter Bell’s courtroom appeared before Judge Peter Bell as a defendant on a charge of Domestic Violence Battery for assaulting his ex-wife.
Upon reading the affidavit, Judge Peter Bell found that probable cause existed for Domestic Battery. Judge Peter Bell made this determination based upon the probable cause affidavit executed by Deputy Sheriff Liborio Rivera. Deputy Rivera was the officer dispatched to the home of Judge Peter Bell’s attorney-friend.
Deputy Rivera’s affidavit revealed that he had interviewed the defendant, Judge Peter Bell’s attorney-friend, and their two minor children. The affidavit further revealed that based upon his interviews, the injuries inflicted on Judge Peter Bell’s attorney-friend, and from the scene of the incident, that the defendant (aka, certified misogynist) was the primary aggressor.
Despite the sworn findings of Deputy Rivera, and in the absence of a complaint of domestic violence being put forth by his attorney-friend, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, or the State Attorney’s Office, Judge Peter Bell sua sponte (legalize meaning on his own motion) ordered the arrest of his friend’s former wife (aka, the victim of his friend’s abuse).
Judge Peter Bell then ordered the immediate arrest of his dirt-bag’s (my apologies to dirt-bags) ex-wife. The attorney-friend’s ex-wife had actually appeared before Judge Peter Bell as a victim of domestic violence along with her children and a Court Mediator when this Il Duce Wannabe and celebrated misogynist ordered her to be arrested.
As a result of Judge Peter Bell’s despicable conduct, the obvious victim of domestic violence by his so-called attorney-friend (aka, coward), she incarcerated overnight. This Il Duce conduct by Judge Peter Bell was an obscene disgrace in that such conduct made light of women who are physically abused by misogynistic-cowards. In so acting, Judge Peter Bell usurped (for you morons in the Legal Industry, means hijacked) the role and authority of the State Attorney’s Office.
Even more troubling is the fact that Judge Peter Bell “altered (aka, forged) public documents to effectuate his illegal decision in jailing the victim of spousal abuse.
The wimps, apologists and enablers of Florida’s Judicial Commission, along with the Justices of the Florida Supreme Court agreed to punish Judge Peter Bell by providing him with the usual “complimentary reprimand.”
These fools at the Commission and the Supreme Court accepted Judge Peter Bell’s apology for engaging in illegal conduct and his promise that he wouldn’t do it again. Ain’t that just special? Isn’t Florida a great country?
Back-in-the-day (circa. 1950s in Toledo, Ohio) my friends and I would have taken a sissy like Judge Peter Bell’s attorney-friend down to the ten-mile-creek and waterboarded him for assaulting a woman. Maybe that would be too good for this wimpish misogynist, right?
Unfortunately, Judge Peter Bell continues to sit on the bench in Punta Gorda, Florida.



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