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Mitt Romney sez, y’all are a bunch of mooching losers


Mitt’s recent comment to a group of billionaires and millionaires in Boca Raton that 47% of Americans are moochers was to his chagrin taped by an obvious interloper who then provided a copy to reporter David Corn of Mother Jones.
An unreliable source indicated that there was a portion of the tape that wasn’t provided to Mr. Corn, wherein Mitt made the following comments to the appreciative aristocrats in attendance.
  • If those folks (wink, wink) weren’t mooching off us, our wives and paramours would be able to spend more time shopping at Tiffany’s
  • If it wasn’t for those (wink, wink) loser deadbeats, I could have afforded to purchase 3 or 4 more world class dressage horses for Ann
  • Those (wink, wink) worthless bastards, I’m sorry I mean moochers are the reason why patriots like us are being attacked by left-wing liberals who laughingly believe that everyone should be treated fairly
Lastly, guys don’t forget to drop your $50,000 check in the box gold plated box next to the jeroboam (3L) 1966 bottles of Dom Perignon ($2,000 per bottle).




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