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15% of Ohio Republicans (Loons) believe Romney killed Bin Laden

As everyone knows, Ohio is the Buckeye State. FYI: a buckeye looks just like a chestnut. However, unlike a chestnut, a buckeye is defined as a “Worthless Nut.”
A Sept 9, 2012 poll taken by Public Policy Polling (PPP) asked Ohio Republicans the following question: “Who is more responsible for the killing of Osama bin Laden?”
  1. 47% said they weren’t sure (aspiring morons)
  2. 38% admitted it was Obama
  3. 15% answered Mitt Romney (certified morons) 
In total, 62% of Republicans in Ohio refuse to acknowledge that Osama bin Laden was killed while Obama was president. Most of us know that Osama was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011. And I’d like to think that most Ohioans are aware that Obama was president on May 2, 2011.
As of May 2011, Mitt was busy seeking the Republican presidential nomination. Therefore, it would have been impossible for Mitt to have ordered Navy Seals to kill Osama.
Ohio republicans who believe Romney was responsible for killing Osama bin Laden and not President Obama, more than likely believe that Ronald Reagan was responsible for winning World War II and not FDR.
And lastly, it’s hard to believe that tens-of-thousands Ohio Republicans actually believe this kind of crap. It can only mean that they possess an I.Q. equal to the legal speed limit for semi-trucks on I-270 running through downtown Columbus.
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