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Does Rep. Paul Ryan want to stick the Wiener to the Middle Class?

It cannot be disputed that Ryan’s so-called budget is not “middle class friendly” since he wants to basically get rid of Medicare, decimate Medicaid, and do away with Pell grants and other programs that mainly help working stiffs.
On the other hand, Paulie wants to cut the capitol gain taxes on Patriotic Billionaire Hedge fund operators to Zero under the phony guise that they’re “job creators.” In truth, the ladies of the night that work at legal brothels in Nevada do more to create jobs then these overpaid and greedy moneychangers.
As I suspect you know, Paulie has experience in delivering the Wiener. While attending Miami of Ohio University, he was employed to drive the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. Because of his prior experience delivering the wiener, Paulie shouldn’t have any problems in sticking the Wiener to the middle class if he and Mitt are elected in November.
If Paulie wants to really prove that he’s a Compassionate Conservative after he and Mitt are elected, he’d have Mitt sign an executive order providing all middle-class wage earners with a 50% off coupon for their next purchase of industrial strength Preparation H.
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