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Deficit Hawk Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan balances budget in 28 years

According to analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Paulie’s budget plan would not be in balance for another 28 years (ca. 2040).
That’s quite impressive to say the least! If the annual deficit is increased by $600 billion, Paulie’s conservative budget would only add $16.8 trillion to the national debt. This is like really impressive, right? This should really sell well among fiscal conservatives and the Tea Party!
Paulie’s laughable budget balancing act is akin to Bank of America (BOA) coming down hard on Ms. Smith in regards to her overdraft privileges by telling her:

BOA:    Ms. Smith, we’re changing the bank’s policy on overdraft privileges


Jane:    You mean you’re not going to cover my overdrafts any more?


BOA:    No, no that’s not it. The bank has determined that to remain solvent we need to change our policy on unlimited coverage of overdrafts.


Jane:   What is the new policy?


BOA:   Beginning in January 2040, we will cease providing you with unlimited overdraft coverage.


Jane:   But you’ll cover all my overdrafts until 2040, right?


BOA:   Of course we will!

Ms. Smith was last seen writing a check to pay for her new BMW.
It’s hard to imagine why fiscal conservatives and Tea Party members are so enamored with Paul’s hyperbolic (BS) budget deficit plan.
Can you imagine how Karl Rove would respond if Obama put forth a plan to balance the budget by 2040?
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