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Newt Gingrich: Mitt Romney’s New Racial Harmony Consigliere

FYI: a Consigliere is a trusted friend and confidant, an elder statesman who is called upon to dispense advice to his boss.
It is obvious that Mitt and Newt have buried the hatchet in regards to the name calling they engaged in during the presidential nominating process. I’m sure we all recall Newt affectionately calling Mitt a “liar.”
One of Newt’s assignments is to do whatever is necessary to stoke the fires of racial animus among Mitt’s supporters. Towards that end, Newt has agreed to continue to refer to Obama as the “Food Stamp President.”
Newt has also agreed to paint Obama as a supporter of so-called Welfare Queens by falsely stating that Obama proposes taking the work requirement out of welfare.
As a political neophyte, I’m not sure that this new and improved racial sensitivity approach will turn into votes for Mitt among minority voters in Cleveland, Milwaukee, Philadelphia or my hometown of Toledo. Of course I could be proven wrong, right?
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