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Mitt Romney: America’s New “Captain Courageous”

Author Rudyard Kipling wrote about Captain Courageous in his 1897 novel. The novel primarily dealt with the adventures of Harvey Cheyne, Jr., the arrogant and thoroughly spoiled son of a railroad tycoon. Sound familiar?
Shortly after Mitt named Rep. Paul Ryan as his Vice-Presidential pick, some members of the media and/or political pundits claimed his selection was “courageous.” Apparently, in some people’s fevered minds, courage and desperation are synonyms.
For anyone to suggest that Ryan’s selection was a courageous act by Romney is laughable at best. Now, if Mitt agreed to release 10 years of his tax returns that would constitute a courageous act.
If Mitt’s selection of Ryan qualifies as a courageous act, then the same would be true for Newt Gingrich when he called Mitt a “liar.”
Wouldn’t it be nice if Mitt had the courage to fully explain why he decided to deposit several million dollars in a Swiss bank account? Doing so, would forever cement Mitt’s status as “Captain Courageous.”
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