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Should we elect a congenital liar Mitt Romney as our next President?

Mitt Romney is a graduate of Harvard Law School. Therefore, we can assume that he is well versed on how to define a falsehood.
In legal terms if someone makes a false statement under oath it is called perjury. An example of uttering a false statement would be:
  • In 1994 – Romney said he would support a federal health insurance mandate
  • In 2011 – Romney said Obamacare’s mandate was “an unconscionable abuse of power”
To prove that Romney lied, a prosecutor would merely ask him: “Which of the two statements above are true?” Since they both can’t be true, Romney would be legally and rightfully declared a liar.
Romney twisting Obama’s prior statements
Romney and/or his surrogates find it acceptable to air political ads wherein they edit Obama’s statements by deleting sentences to make it appear that he is in favor of or opposes certain legislation.
In a recent ad (ca. August 6, 2012) Romney decided to attack Obama on the work requirement to receive welfare payments, which was enacted during the Clinton presidency. In the ad, Romney said:
“President Obama in this last few days has tried to reverse that accomplishment by taking the work requirement out of welfare. If I’m president, I’ll put work back in welfare.”
Romney’s statement is patently false because Obama never proposed such legislation. In fact, Obama merely offered to grant waivers to states that wished to implement rules that would decrease the number of welfare recipients by assisting them in finding a job. Moreover, during his stint as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney applied for such a waiver.
What is truly disturbing is the fact that even when his false statements and/or ads are exposed in the media, Romney refuses to disavow them or order that they be discontinued.
I’ve been witness to presidential campaigns going back to JFK and Nixon and I’ve never seen a candidate that consistently lies like Romney does.
What is truly troubling is that polls indicate that the race between Obama and Romney will be very close. For the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would consider voting for a congenital liar.
I’m not suggesting that Obama and/or his surrogates are not engaged in embellishing the truth in their ads against Romney. However, there is a distinct difference between embellishment and telling outright lies.
If the truth slapped Romney across the face, he likely would consider filing a personal injury lawsuit for damages against the truth.
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