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Chula Vista, CA State Senator Elaine Alquist; ethically impoverished


The State Senate’s Policy on accident claims involving state cars, states it will not pay for accidents that are personal or have nothing to do with state business.
On July 30, 2006, Senator Elaine Alquist was involved in an accident that she caused by “making an unsafe turn.” July 30, 2006 was a Sunday! The State insurer paid $1,664.66 in property damage as a result of Senator Elaine Alquist making “an unsafe turn.”
At the time of the accident, Senator Elaine Alquist was driving a 2005 Prius that was purchased with public funds for $28,786.10.
It would be laughable for Senator Elaine Alquist to claim that she was involved in “official state business” on a Sunday. However, it is apparent that Senator Elaine Alquist actually claimed that when she made “an unsafe turn” and collided with another vehicle that she was engaged in official state business. This questionable claim allowed Senator Elaine Alquist to avoid turning the claim over to her personal insurer, meaning her personal insurance rates would not increase.
You’d think that Senator Elaine Alquist would have been satisfied with being provided with a free ride; unlimited fuel and free maintenance and insurance by the public for eight (8) years (ca. 2005-2006 Senate + 1997-2002 Assembly).
If ya wanna know why these arrogant ingrates get away with providing themselves with luxury vehicles of their choosing along with unlimited fuel/maintenance and insurance, I’d suggest that each voter look in the closest mirror. Once you’ve done that you’ll discover who’s really at fault.
Lastly, I would suggest that every voter and taxpayer in California contact his/her State Legislators and tell them in no uncertain terms that if they do not immediately return their state cars to the State, they will never receive your vote in the future. If you do nothing but sit on your hands and let these ingrates continue to hose you (pun intended), then you have absolutely no right to complain about this outrageous conduct.
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