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Judge Joseph Cirigliano of Elyria, scofflaw, moron, ethical elf

Judge Joseph Cirigliano is not only a scofflaw and moron; he’s had his snout stuck in the public pork trough for nearly fifty (50) years.
The only person/entity in Ohio that would appreciate the massive amount of pork that Judge Joseph Cirigliano has devoured over the past fifty-years would be the late Bob Evans and the Ohio Pork Producers Council.
Recently, Erie County, Ohio (Sandusky) public officials serving on the Civil Service Commission employed Judge Joseph Cirigliano to act as the hearing officer for the Civil Service appeal in the firing of Sandusky police Chief Kim Nuesse. (Sandusky Register)
Believe it or not, the three-member panel of the Civil Service Commission agreed to pay Judge Joseph Cirigliano $300 an hour to render an opinion on whether police Chief Kim Nuesse’s firing was legitimate.
Judge Joseph Cirigliano is eighty-four (84) years old. Who in their right mind would employ an old’ geezer like Judge Joseph Cirigliano and agree to pay him $300 an hour? Now, I’ve got nothing against senior citizens, but this is absurd.
Even more disturbing about the Commission hiring Judge Joseph Cirigliano is the fact that as a retired visiting judge he bilked the state and numerous counties (Erie included) by billing for hours he never worked and/or travel expenses he did not incur. (This matter will be addressed in greater detail in a future article. Stay tuned!)
Unfortunately, Erie County has been victimized by several retired visiting judges over the years who have billed for hours never worked and/or travel expenses never incurred. Those judges are Richard B. McQuade, Jr., Bruce Huffman, John Patton, William Chinnock, Richard Markus and Terrence O’Donnell. These facts were gleaned from a review of their compensation reports and travel records (public records).
On Aug. 17, 2009, Matt Westerhold, reporter for the Sandusky Register stated in a story titled: “Judge: Nuesse should stay fired” reported that after rendering his decision, Judge Joseph Cirigliano provided a copy to The Morning Journal (Lorain, Ohio newspaper). And this certified moron (that’d be Judge Joseph Cirigliano) so acted before providing a copy to police Chief Kim Nuesse’s attorney. In other words, neither Ms. Nuesse nor her attorneys K. Ronald Bailey were aware that Judge Joseph “The Moron” Cirigliano had rendered a ruling.
It is estimated that Judge Joseph Cirigliano’s tab will come in at about $100,000. Given Judge Joseph Cirigliano’s past history in submitting sham compensation claims as a retired visiting judge, I’m confident that he padded his bill. Over the years, this Dawg has reviewed thousands of pages of retired judge compensation and travel expense claims. As a result, I have developed a methodology that allows me to determine within a minute or two while reviewing said public records, “who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.” I’m sure Judge Joseph Cirigliano has been a naughty boy in regards to his billing of the Erie County Commissioners.
I can assure you that as soon as Judge Joseph Cirigliano was hired as an alleged impartial hearing office, police Chief Kim Nuesse’s goose was cooked.


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