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Should Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi force GOP votes on following healthcare issues?


The Republican nutcases/morons opposing Obama’s healthcare reform proposals should be made to cast votes on the following legislation.
It would take at least 100-pages to detail the hyperbolic (aka, BS) fabrications spewed forth by Republican legislators and/or their enablers (aka, certified nutcases and morons) in D.C. and elsewhere in opposing Obama’s healthcare reform proposals. If ya really require further education on this matter, I suggest you spend a little time on Google or Yahoo. 
The Republicans and their nutcase/moron enablers (aka, insurance companies) have put forth a plethora of lies and fabrications regarding Obama’s healthcare reform proposals, a few of which are as follows:
  1. There will be “death panels” (ala, Chief nutcase Sarah Palin)
  2. Illegal immigrants will be provided with healthcare on demand
  3. Government flunkies will decide to pull the plug on Grandma
  4. On-demand abortions will be mandated to be paid by the Government
  5. Government hacks will decide who is worthy of life and who isn’t
  6. Military personnel will be forced to engage in involuntary euthanasia
Now, my suggestion to Sen. Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would be to force these Republican nutcases and certified morons to cast a vote on the following matters:
  1. Do you support turning over Medicare to private Insurers?
  2. Do you believe that Obama’s plan will provide healthcare to illegal immigrants?
  3. Do you believe that Obama is not a U.S. citizen?
  4. Do you believe that there are reasonable questions as to Obama’s citizenship?
  5. Do you believe that Hawaii is a State?
  6. Do you believe that Obama’s healthcare proposal requires “death panels”?
  7. Do you believe that Obama’s healthcare proposal requires our military to opt out for voluntary euthanasia?
  8. Do you believe that CEO’s of healthcare insurance companies are entitled to earn on average $12 million a year?
  9. Do you believe that insurance companies should have the right to deny coverage for pre-existing medical conditions?
  10. Do you support a hospital’s right to deny emergency care to anyone who does not have medical insurance, including women about to give birth?
  11. Do you believe that insurance companies should be able to gouge consumers by charging exorbitant prices for coverage?
  12. Do you believe that Rose O’Donnell is gay? Whoops, I’m sorry, my bad!
Why not force these nutcases/morons to go on the record in regards to the questions put forth above? At a minimum it would allow the Obama Administration and/or Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi to expose them for the nutcases/morons they clearly are.
I’ve been a registered Republican since 1965; however, the party was not dominated by right-wing zealots and nutcases/morons as it is now. And more importantly, as a Republican I am concerned about government red ink; however, I truly believe that every American is entitled to healthcare regardless of his/her financial standing, race, ethnicity and/or sexual preference. If the nutcase/mornoic Republicans and their enablers and apologists wish to label me as a left-wing, commie-pinko, then so be it. However, I can assure you that ex-President Dwight Eisenhower; New York Gov. Rockefeller and even President Richard Milhous Nixon would have agreed with me and not the whores (my apolgiies to whores) that cheerfully engage in pimping for insuracne companies.
It's time for the Democrats, and more importantly Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi to exhibit some fortitude (aka, gonads as to Reid) and courage in exposing these nutcases and certified morons (my sincerest apologies to you dedicated morons and nutcases) for what they are!
Lastly, please no email from any well-intentioned and ethical morons/nutcases and/or those of their ilk (for you morons, ilk is not a male ELK!). If ya feel the need to "vent," then I would suggest you contact accomplished nutcases and accomplished morons  like Sarah Palin and/or Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley.
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