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Is Ann Coulter a dirty, lo-down liar in commenting on Obama’s healthcare reform?


In her Aug. 26, 2009 column (aka, screed/rant/missive) Ann Coulter spews forth a plethora of lies (Surprised?) re: Obama’s healthcare reform proposals.
Ann Coulter begins her hyperbolic (aka, BS) rant by falsely stating that Obama “decided to change the healthcare debate by indicting CIA interrogators for talking tough to three of the world’s leading Muslim terrorists.”
This is a bald-faced lie because Ann “The Man” Coulter knows for a fact that nobody has been indicted; albeit I believe she should be indicted for being a congenital liar. As to “talking tough” to terrorists Annie, FYI, at least one was “water-boarded” over 150 times, a fact you well know, right Annie?
Now here are the bald-faced-lies that Ann “The Man” Coulter wrote in regards to Obama’s healthcare reform proposals:
  • There will be rationing of healthcare
  • There will be national healthcare
  • Abortions will be covered
Ann “The Man” Coulter concludes her screed by stating that after the healthcare bill is passed that senators and congressman will indignantly announce “”Well I’m pro-life, and if I had any idea this bill would cover abortions, I never would have voted for it.”
Of course there is but one reason why Ann “The Man” Coulter spews forth such fabrications. And that reason is that she is attempting to unjustly enrich herself by selling books (obviously she couldn’t sell herself, if ya know what I mean).
Wouldn’t it have been delightful and comforting if Ann “The Man” Coulter’s mother had opted to have an abortion in March 1961?
And finally, as some of my good ol’ Texas friends would say, “She ain’t nothing’ but a lying som-bitch!”
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