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President Obama finally apologizes to Mitt Romney

On several occasions Mitt Romney has demanded that President Obama apologize for what he claims are false and/or misleading campaign ads being aired in tossup states such as Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc.
In a gesture of good faith, Obama put forth the following list of apologies to Mitt along with a audiotape of Obama sing a chorus of Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry."
  • I’m sorry for asking why you parked millions
  • I’m sorry for asking why you have $3 million in a Swiss Bank Account
  • of dollars in the Cayman Islands
  • I’m sorry for asking you to make public 12-years of your tax returns like your Daddy did
  • I’m sorry for saying that Romneycare was the template I used for Obamacare
  • I’m sorry for saying Bain Capitol outsourced jobs to China and/or India
Obama sings I’m Sorry to Romney – Brenda Lee


I’m sorry, so sorry that you were such a fool


I didn’t know the truth could be so cruel


Oh, oh, oh, oh, uh-oh, oh, yes
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