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Attorney Terri Tweedly of Overland Park, KS; idiotic thief

The sate of Kansas presented Terri Stroh Tweedly with a law license in 1993.
The Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys found Terri guilty of the following misconduct.
  1. Failing to return phone calls from client
  2. Failure to safeguard client property
  3. Failed to withdraw from representation when required
  4. Failed to take appropriate action to prevent harm to client after discharge
  5. Failed to respond to grievance
  6. Failed to assure service of complaint on defendant
  7. Failed to appear at scheduled client appointments
  8. Failed to return unearned fee (cheater)
  9. Failed to return file to client after discharge
  10. Failed to comply with client requests
  11. Failed to provide diligent representation (slacker)
  12. Advised client he would continue representation if he client dismissed ethics complaint
  13. Failed to provide required child support documents to Nevada court
  14. Failed to respond to client’s letter re: court hearing
  15. Client court hearing cancelled because Terri failed to notice the court and opposing counsel
  16. Lied to client that she had filed necessary court documents
  17. Refused to forward client file to new attorney after being discharged
  18. Did not fully comply with subpoena to produce client files
  19. Failed to prepare settlement agreement regarding child support arrangements
  20. Failed to provide proper accounting of client funds to client
  21. Refused to provide client with a billing statement
  22. Failed to provide competent legal representation (moron)
  23. Failed to take any action on pending motion to modify child support
  24. Failed top keep multiple clients informed of the status of their legal matters
  25. Abandoned clients without reasonable notice
  26. Failed to respond to ethics complaints as required
  27. Engaged in conduct involving dishonesty
  28. Acted with a selfish motive in refusing to return unearned fees to multiple clients
  29. Engaged in a pattern of misconduct
  30. Refused to acknowledge or admit that she engaged in a variety of misconduct
  31. Terrie made absolutely not attempts to return unearned fees to her clients
At least twelve (12) of Terri’s clients were the victims of her egregious misconduct involving child custody and/or child support issues. In almost all of these cases she failed to return unearned fees to her victims.
As a consequence of her misconduct, the Kansas Supreme Court punished Terri by suspending her law license indefinitely. However, the comedians sitting on the Kansas Supreme Court had the chutzpah to reinstate
As we speak (ca. June 2012) Terri practices law at 10999 Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park, Kansas.
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