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Sean Hannity: dirty rotten scoundrel and congenital liar


I must admit that listening to Sean Hannity spewing forth an assortment of lies on the radio  is like being the recipient of daily colonoscopies.
When I’m either drunk or looking for a few laughs, I tune into listen to Sean Hannity’s daily rants on the local AM station here in Sacramento.
Of course I always arm myself with a barf bag in the event that I’m unable to digest the fabrications, falsehoods and pure BS that Sean Hannity spews forth on a daily basis.
Sean Hannity is to the truth what the late Jeffrey Dahmer was to table manners.
I must declare that I have never and I mean never witnessed anyone who enjoys lying more than Sean Hannity. If the truth slapped this buffoon (my apologies to buffoons) across the face, I’m sure he’d immediately file a personal injury lawsuit against the truth.
Now, I’m all for civil discourse between folks that have divergent views on any issue affecting the public. In fact, I enjoy the back and forth of arguing my point and considering opposite viewpoints. However, I sure don’t cotton to some damn fool that enriches himself by putting forth some of the most outlandish lies known to mankind. A few examples are:
  • Government healthcare reform will mandate “death panels”
  • Euthanasia will be the rule of the day for folks deemed to be unproductive (If this were true Sean, you, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and those of your ilk (for your morons, ilk isn’t a male Elk!) would be well qualified to be immediately euthanized (Praise the Lord!)
  • Private insurance will be outlawed by Obama-care
  • America has the best healthcare in the World (Yeah, and George W. was a linguistics expert, right?)
I could go on and on and on, but what purpose would that really serve? Suffice it to say that Sean Hannity is without doubt a perverted-purveyor (PP) of false and defamatory commentary. The really sad thing is that there are folks out there that actually believe the bile spewed forth by this intellectual leper-con.
Anyone and I mean anyone that believes anything that Sean Hannity says must have an I.Q. equal to or less than the legal speed limit for semi-trucks in downtown Los Angeles.
To call Sean Hannity a liar could be construed as defamation per se (malice need not be proved regarding the alleged defamatory statement) for all those dedicated and ethical liars running amok throughout the good ol’ U S of A.
In the day (ca. 1950s) back in Toledo, Ohio me and my fellow students at Rosary Cathedral Elementary School (Catholic enclave) would have taken an inveterate lying SOB like Sean Hannity down to the Ten Mile Creek and treated him to a little compassionate waterboarding. That’s what they call it now; however, back in the day we’d just dunked ol’ Sean’s head into the Creek until agreed to no longer spew forth lies. Trust me folks, a certified-sissy like Sean Hannity would have caved-in after nor more than two dunkings.
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