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2012 Golden Globe Award Winner Best Comedy Series: Sean Hannity

Congratulations to….
Sean Hannity
2012 Golden Globe Award Winner
For Best Comedy Series
Anyone who has pleasured themselves with viewing Sean’s unique comedy series that airs on the Fox Network must be impressed with his comedic style.
In addition to providing daily doses of comedic relief, Sean has the innate ability to invite likeminded comedians for our viewing pleasure. Some of the outstanding comedians that regularly appear with Sean to perform are Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, David Horowitz, Rick Santorum, Dick Morris, Donald Trump, Herman Cain, and Rudy Giuliani.
I know that some of you actually believe that the Daily Show with Jon Stewart outperforms Sean. And then there are others that hold the opinion that the Steven Colbert Show outshines the comedy delivered to us by Sean.
I personally view all three of these comedy shows on a daily basis. And I’m here to tell you that Sean is the King of Comedy.
As for Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, they’ll just have to wait until 2012 to unseat Sean. Until then I suggest they suck it up and live with the fact they can’t hold a candle to Sean’s comedy skits.
Congrats Sean; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing triumph as host of America’s Best Comedy Series for 2011; you are far too humble.
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