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Ohio Disciplinary Counsel Jonathon Coughlin; moron, certified lackey for Chief Justice Thomas Moyer


Jonathon Coughlin has acted as the supreme apologist and enabler for  Ohio’s attorney/judicial discipline system since 1988.   
In the late 1980s, Chief Justice Thomas Moyer appointed Jonathon Coughlin as Chief of Ohio’s attorney/judicial disciplinary system. After a review of Jonathon Coughlin’s sad record as a prosecutor and/or attorney in upstate New York, Chief Justice Thomas Moyer determined that Jonathon Coughlin would be a reliable lackey, bootlicker, flunky and ass-kisser in the unfair and inequitable investigation and discipline of Judicial/Attorney Misfits in Ohio.
Of course it goes without saying that the sole requirement for this exalted position was total all
egiance to Chief Justice Thomas Moyer’s years-long scheme (ca. 1987-2009) to punish attorneys and/or judges that he perceived to be the enemy and to reward crooked judges and lawyers he could rely on to further his despotic agenda.
During Jonathon Coughlin’s reign as the overlord in determining judicial/attorney conduct that was deserving of discipline, Ohio ranked 50th among all states in disciplining unethical attorneys and judges. This abysmal record wasn’t by accident; it was by design as promulgated (decreed) by Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.
A review of Jonathon Coughlin’s travel expense records over the years for attending useless conferences (aka, family vacations on the taxpayer’s dime) by this Watchdawg uncovered the following:
  1. Billed pantyhose (I’d prefer to not view this image, how about you?)
  2. Billed the state for purchasing booze
  3. Billed the state for motel/hotel costs for family members
  4. Billed the state for costs to rent bicycles
  5. Billed the state for cost to ent a carseat for his minor child
Over the years, Jonathan Coughlin has ruled in writing that the following conduct engaged in by attorneys and/or judges does not constitute misconduct in Ohio
  1. Attorney billing $650 for time spent in Ohio office when court records proved he was in San Francisco
  2. Attorneys billing over $3,000 to respond to ethics complaints (only state in the nation that allows attorneys to so act)
  3. Attorneys collecting fees from non-complaining family members for time spent responding to ethics complaints (Again, only state in nation allowing such conduct)
  4. Irrefutable documentary evidence proving retired judges billed for hours never worked
  5. Irrefutable documentary evidence proving retired judges billed for travel expenses never incurred
  6. Documentary evidence proving retired judge billed Franklin County (Columbus) for judicial services while attending seminar in Vail, Colorado
  7. Documentary evidence (copies of transcripts) proving attorney perjured himself in fifty or more times 
When provided with drop-dead-irrefutable evidence of judicial/attorney misconduct as set forth above, Jonathon Coughlin ruled in writing that such conduct did not, and I wish to emphasize "did not " rise to the leveal of judicial and/or attorney misconduct. Of course it goes without saying that Jonathon Coughlin made these asinine rulings only after being instructed by Chief Justice Moyer to ignore said egregious misconduct because the miscreant was considered by Chief Justice Thomas Moyer  to be a highly valued asset in punishing his perceived enemies or in rewarding his friends and/or contributors (aka, bribers).
In Ohio (ca. 1987-2009), the only way a judge and/or lawyer is going to be disciplined regardless of overwhelming evidence of guilt is if Chief Justice Thomas Moyer personally approves. Put simply, if Chief Justice Thomas Moyer considers you to be an enemy of the State, you will be punished. However, if Chief Justice Thomas Moyer determines that a dishonest attorney or judge is an asset that he can use to punish his perceived enemies, then the disciplinary rules do not apply.
Over the years, I have investigated and accumulated an enormous amount of evidence that Chief Justice Thomas Moyer has personally manipulated the judicial/attorney disciplinary process in Ohio to rewards his friends and punish his perceived enemies. In fact, the evidence clearly indicates that Chief Justice Thomas Moyer has cheerfully and unabashedly, and unjustifiably punished judges and/or attorneys who are acknowledged and/or admitted Democrats.
I know of no other State Supreme Court Justice who has ever manipulated the disciplinary system to reward his friends (aka, lackeys, bootlickers and ass-kissers) and/or punish perceived enemies as Chief Justice Thomas Moyer has done over the past twenty-three (23) years. And Chief Justice Thomas Moyer was able to accomplish this dastardly act as a direct result of Jonathon Coughlin’s willingness to treat his oath of office with total contempt.
It is indeed a sad commentary on the manner in which Chief Justice Thomas Moyer has run roughshod over Ohio's Legal Industry over the past twenty-two (22) years. Even more disheartening is Jonathon Coughlin's willingness to violate every principle of the oath of office he took as an attorney to act as the principal lackey, bootlicker, flunky and ass-kisser in implementing Chief Justice Thomas Moyer's sordid and self-serving interests to punish his poliltical enemies and/or to reward those who have provided him with tens-of-thousands of dollars in bribes (Chief Justice Thomas Moyer calls them campaign contributions) over the past twenty-two (22) years. Suffice it to say that these celebrated bribers have reaped millions in returns as a result of the unofficial bribes they have provided to Chief Justice Thomas Moyer over the past twenty-two years.
For all of ya no-good-dirty Democrat judges and/or attorneys that had the audacity to believe that it was your sworn duty to dispense justice and not dispense with it in accordance with the rules (gospel) promulgated by the Right Reverand Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, ya got what ya damn well deserved! I trust that this will be a well-deserved lesson to all of you left-wingers that actually belive that justice should be color-blind, gender and/or polictically unbaised,so saeth the Right Reverand Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.
And finally, without the willingness of a compliant lackey, flunkey, asskisser such as Johathon Coughin, who was more than willing to treat his oath of office with total contempt, Chief Justice Thomas Moyer would not have succecced in tormenting his perceived enemies from 1987 through 2009.
On behalf of the thousands upon thousands of documented victims of the egregious misconduct cheerfully committed by Judicial and/or Attorhey Misfits in Ohio over the past twenty-three (23) years on behalf of Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, I hereby wish to extend my sincerest gratitude on their behalf. Put simply, thanks Chief Justice Thomas Moyer for your years of disservice to Ohioans, and more importantly, thanks to Jonathon Coughlin for his dedicated and compliant service as Chief Justice Thomas Moyer's No. 1 lackey, flunkey, bootlicker, apple-polisher and ass-kisser over the past twenty-three years.

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