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Attorney Reese Wineman of Norwalk, OH; celebrated lush

The state of Ohio presented Reese Mark Wineman with a law license in 1976 after he graduated from Toledo University Law School.
The Columbus Bar Association Grievance Committee found Lewis guilty of the following misconduct.
Reese repeatedly attempted to represent clients in an out of the courtroom while he was intoxicated. On more than one occasion the judge observed Reese’s drunkenness and ordered him out of the courthouse. He was also warned more than once by various judges that he would be found in contempt if appeared in court while drunk.
One drunken appearance at trial endedendued up with the defendant being found guilty of a lesser included offense.
The comics sitting on the Supreme Court previously ordered Reese the Lush to enroll in an in-house treatment facility for drunks; however, he failed to do so. Apparently there weren’t any openings at the Jack Daniel’s Institute for Derelict Attorneys.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the cheerleaders for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Ohio Supreme Court punished Reese by gifting him with a 2-year suspension of his law license.
As we speak (ca. June 2012) Reese the Drunk continues to practice law at 6 West Main Street in Norwalk, Ohio which is midway between Toledo and Cleveland.
And lastly, for a drunk Reese’s last name is quite apropos!
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