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Attorney A. Craig Fleishman of Denver; greedy loser

The state of Colorado provided A. Craig Fleishman with a law license in 1975.
The Colorado State Bar found Fleishman guilty of the following misconduct.
Fleishman engaged in a business transaction that was clearly unfair and/or unreasonable to his client (victim) when he personally guaranteed a $200,000 line of credit on behalf of his client.
The guarantee called for the client to pay Fleishman and his law partner a fee of $33,333 each ($66,666) if the client drew $120,000 or less from the line of credit. The guarantee went on to state that if the line of credit drew more than $120,000, the fee to Fleishman and his partner would increase to $66,667 each ($133,334). Put simply, this outrageous arrangement meant that if the client drew $121,000 on the credit line, he would have to pay Fleishman and his partner a fee equal that was about 110%. This takes “gouging” a client to new and as yet unseen levels.
In addition to the despicable conduct aforementioned, Fleishman continued to defend the same client in litigation after he learned that the client had carried out a series of fraudulent acts, even though Fleishman knew he might become liable for the line of credit, thereby creating an obvious conflict of interest.
The Bar found that Fleishman’s conduct regarding the conflict of interest prevented him from providing competent representation to this client. Fleishman’s competence was limited to unjustly enriching himself and his partner.
As a consequence of his misconduct, the cheerleaders for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Colorado Supreme Court punished Fleishman by gifting him with a complimentary censure.
As we speak (ca. June 2012) Fleishman practices law with Fleishman & Shapiro PC at 1600 Broadway in Denver, Colorado.
On his self-serving website at www.colorado-law.net Fleishman makes no mention of the misconduct set forth above. I suppose he wouldn’t want to be truthful because if he was, it would only tend to limit his future victim pool.

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