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Kudos to the Koch Brothers for their purchase of Gov. Scott Walker’s services


The Koch brothers, David and Charles are worth about $40 billion. They control Koch Industries, the second largest family privately owned company in the United States.
Prior to and during the recall of Gov. Scott Walker, David and Charles directly and/or indirectly invested several million dollars into purchasing Scottie’s services. People suffering from a severe case of naiveté actually believe that these were campaign contributions.
The Koch brothers have proven to be wise investors over the years. The millions they contributed to Scott Walker were intended to be an investment. All that remains now is for Scotty to assure that the investment made by the Koch brothers bears fruit. I’m confident that Scotty fully intends to do whatever is necessary to please his primary investors.
The Koch brothers have let it be known that they intend on investing about $400 million on the upcoming November elections in their zeal to defeat Obama. As of today (ca. June 7, 2012) we don’t yet know how much of an investment they will make in purchasing the services of Mitt Romney. I’m sure they’ll invest whatever they deem is appropriate and/or whatever it takes to meet Mitt’s demands.
It really is comforting to know that we have American Patriots like David and Charles Koch who are willing to part with hundreds of millions of their hard earned dollars in order to prove that “Money talks and Bullshit walks.”
If their investments lead to Mitt being elevated to the presidency, then maybe we should change the name of the “Whitehouse” to the “Kochhouse.”


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