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Ethical Purity Assessment (EPA) for judges. What state has most ethical judges?

Which states have the most ethical judges and which have the most unethical?

Members of the Judicial Industry would have us believe that they are members of the most ethical profession known to mankind. Although it is arguably not the oldest profession, it is, according to them, the most honorable (Sorry girls!)


The Judicial Industries in most states would have us believe that the judiciary is primarily made up of ethical titans. Statistics from the American Judicature Society and my own personal research for the periods listed below tell us that the Ethical Purity Assessment (EPA) for the judiciary in various states is as follows:
  1. Illinois – 1971-2001 = EPA rating of 99.58%
  2. Ohio – 1999-2005 = EPA rating of 99.00%
  3. Texas – 2002-2005 = EPA rating of 96.05%
  4. California – 1996-2005 = EPA rating of 96.05%
  5. Michigan – 1968-2005 = EPA rating of 95.06%
  6. New York – 1975-2006 = EPA rating of 77.83%
  7. Washington – 1982-2005 = EPA rating of 75.00%
If you’re looking for a judge that is an ethical and intellectual giant and you live in the West, it may be prudent to avoid litigating any matter in Washington. In the Midwest you’ll want to Avoid Michigan. In the East avoid New York, and in the South avoid Texas.



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