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How is it possible that Mitt Romney’s favorable rating has jumped to 48%?


A CNN poll released today (6/5/12) states that Mitt Romney’s favorable ratings are on the rise. According to CNN, Mitt’s favorable rating has jumped from 34% in February to 48% in early June, which is an increase of 14%.
I’m actually dumbfounded that anyone with an I.Q. equal to the legal speed limit on I-75 in the Columbus, Ohio area could actually have a favorable opinion of Mitt.
Anyone that partakes of reading the real news must know that Mitt is Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Flip-Floppers. In addition, Mitt has proven himself to be a congenital liar in spewing forth falsehoods about Obama.
Of course if one obtains his/her news from Fox News, (Unfair Reporting by Unbalanced Reporters) then it would be understandable that they would have a favorable view of Mitt.
I can assure you that if Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Jack Kennedy, or Ronald Regan had spewed forth the falsehoods and engaged in serial flip-flopping like Romney has, none of them would ever have enjoyed a 48% favorable rating, and none of them would ever have been elected President.
When asked what he thought was an appropriate number of times to tell a falsehood in one speech, Mitt responded as seen in the photo to the right.


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