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Alaska State Sen. Lora Reinbold: “Loony Dr. Quack” Award Winner


Lora succeeded in duping the voters in the greater the greater Anchorage area into electing her as a member of the Alaska State Senate in November 2018.


In a comedic effort to establish her bona fides as one of Alaska’s Premier Quacks and Loons, Lora decided to attack the medically approved treatments for COVID-19 and/or the approved vaccines. Towards that end she spewed forth the following quackery after she contracted COVID.

  • “It’s my turn to battle Covid head on... game on!”
  • "I am blessed to have gotten Ivermectin, the “de-covider.”
  • “My Vicks steamer has been a God send!"
  • “When I defeat it, I will tell you my recipe.”

Rumor has it that a fellow Quack in Anchorage who goes by the name “Mr. Ed the Talking Quack” was instrumental in advising Lora to ingest Ivermectin. The report didn’t state whether she took it in a suppository form or had it injected into her rump.


If she defeats COVID by taking Ivermectin, will it make it difficult to understand her when she’s speaking because she’ll likely be “horse.”


As we speak (ca. October 2021), Dr. Lora continues to be an embarrassment to most Alaskans while she provides no useful representation to them while sitting in the State Senate.


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