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Judge Robert Adrian of Quincy, IL; Nauseating Misogynist


The state of Illinois provided Robert Adrian with a law license in after he graduated in 1983 from Southern Illinois University School of Law.


Bobby succeeded in duping the voters in the greater Carbondale area into electing him as a Circuit Court judge in 2010.


In one matter, Bobby presided over a case wherein 18-year-old Drew Clinton was convicted and found guilty by Bobby of one count of criminal assault. He was subject to being sentenced to 4 years in prison.  Clinton was charged with raping 16-year-old Cameron Vaughn during Memorial Day weekend in 2021. (Shirin Ali)


Subsequently, Clinton’s attorneys filed several motions with Bobby who then magically reversed Clinton’s conviction by laughingly claiming the prosecution had failed to prove their case. This is the same proof that Bobby considered when he found Clinton guilty several months earlier.


At the time of Bobby’s had reversed himself and found Clinton not guilty, Clinton had spent 148 days in prison on his four-year sentence. At the not guilty hearing, Bobby the Misogynist had the chutzpah to say the following.

  • “For what happened in this case, that is plenty of punishment.”
  • “That would be a just sentence.” (148 days)

In flip-flopping on Clinton’s guilt, Bobby made the following shameful comments when he attacked the victims’ parents by blaming them for allowing parties at their home that involved coed swimming and alcohol.

  • “Well, that’s how these things happen.”
  • “The Court is totally disgusted with that whole thing.”

Hopefully, the voters in and around Carbondale tell Bobby the Misogynist to take a hike if he tries to dupe them into voting to retain him if he seeks reelection.


As we speak (ca. January 2022), Bobby practices his so-called version of jurisprudence as a 8th Circuit Court judge in Carbondale, Illinois.  


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