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Attorney Christopher Aupperle of Omaha; repeat offender, ethical misfit

The state of Nebraska presented Christopher Aupperle with a law license in 1992.
The Nebraska State Bar Association charged Christopher Aupperle with the following misconduct.
  1. Conduct involving fraud, dishonesty, deceit or misrepresentation
  2. Conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice
  3. Failing to withdraw as counsel when withdrawal was mandatory
  4. Failing to act competently (moron)
  5. Neglecting a legal matter entrusted to him
  6. Representing a client within the bounds of the law
  7. Knowingly making a false statement of law or fact (liar)
  8. Failed to return unearned fees to client
In one matter, Chris failed to file a petition in court on behalf of his client (victim) and when the matter came on for trial, Chris never showed up. When the client contacted Chris for his failure to appear, he lied to him by telling him that the trial was cancelled because the defendant had filed for bankruptcy protection.
In another case, Chris lied to his client that a trial was being set when in fact he wasn’t even the attorney of record in the case.
Chris also was involved in several divorce matters wherein he engaged in incompetent conduct. In an effort to cover his in competency, Chris repeatedly lied to his clients about the progress of their cases.

Christopher’s Prior Bites at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree
Prior to the above described misconduct, Chris was disciplined on at least two occasions.
Chris’s 1st bite at the Misfit Tree resulted in him being found guilty of conduct involving fraud, deceit, dishonest, or misrepresentation, and failing to secure client funds in a trust account.
As to his 2nd bite at the Misfit Tree, Chris was found guilty of (a) neglecting a legal matter entrusted to him, (B) knowingly making a false statement of law or fact, and (c) failing to promptly turn over funds belonging to a client.
Christopher’s Hyperbolic (BS) Defense
As is customary with serial Attorney Misfits, Christopher blamed his egregious misconduct on his alleged drinking problems. Put simply, Chris said “Jack Daniels” made me do it! As ridiculous as this defense is, the enablers for Misfits sitting on the Nebraska Bar Association and Supreme Court bought into Christopher’s Bullshit by granting him mitigation for claiming to be a drunk.
As a consequence of being found guilty of misconduct for the third time, the cheerleaders for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Nebraska Surpeme Court punished Christopher by gifting him with a two-year suspension of his law license.

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