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Houston Judge Woody Densen; criminal; certified moron, Il Duce Wannabe


Former Judge Woody “The Moron” Densen (WMD) of Houston is not only a celebrated dunce and criminal; he’s an embarrassment to Il Duce (Benito Mussolini).

For many years, The Moron sat on the criminal bench in Houston. Seems apropos since the Moron is a criminal, right? Recently, The Moron was indicted for criminally damaging (keying) a neighbor’s Range Rover (probably some ingrate who refused to contribute to The Moron’s campaign). Even though The Moron’s criminal conduct was caught on tape, he had the chutzpah to deny he so acted. Seems as The Moron must have attended an ethics class at the Huey Long Institute on Ethics located in Baton Rouge, and likely graduated scum laude, right?
After the voters in Houston voted The Moron out-of-office by determining that he was unfit for the bench, The Moron became a visiting senior judge. In other words, even though the voter in Houston didn’t want The Moron sitting in judgment of their fellow citizens, the ethical twerps in charge of Texas’ Judicial Industry foisted this celebrated and acknowledgedignoramus on them by appointing him as a Senior Visiting Judge in Houston.
This obnoxious “slap-in-the-face” to the voters in Houston occurred even though The Moron was defeated as a Democrat and Republic candidate for judicial office.
Cognizant of the fact that no and I mean no respectable law firm in Houston would even consider employing him, and further knowing his employment opportunities were limited to acting as a greeter at the local Wal-Mart, The Moron begged the Harris County Commissioners to take affirmative steps that would assure that he could continue to pork out at the public trough. Towards that end, The Moron sent a letter to the Commissioners that would have made a homeless person blush. It goes something like this:
“Now retired, I desire to work in my county as often as possible. My I.Q is 58, I’m sorry he said, I’m 58, healthy, well qualified, and love my work as a crook, I mean judge, yet I only have a one day assignment for the entire year of 1999.”
The Moron went on to say, “Do Harris County [Houston] taxpayers feel justified in spending thousands of dollars on out-of-county visiting judges when we have many of our own who are not qualified, I mean qualified and available to work?” Goshes and gollies don’t that just tug at your heart? Please bear with me for a moment while I go fetch me a dry towel.
At the time The Moron went begging for work as a visiting judge, he was under investigation by the Judicial Conduct Commission for ethical misconduct. Well, I suppose that worked in his favor, right?
Luckily for The Moron had many avid admirers (rabid in fact) supporters who were enamored by his intellectualism, judicial temperament, and more importantly his high ethical standards. Here’s a couple of examples for Y’all to digest.
  1. The Administrative Judge for at the time for Harris County, Judge Jones blasted The Moron and suggested he be permanently banned as a visiting judge. Whew-wee!
  2. Judge Jones went on to say, “Judge Jensen [The Moron] was unfit to serve as judge during the last five years of his service before the voters retired him in 199r. He is unfit to serve now, and many lawyers in Harris County hold that opinion, though not many would express it due to Judge Densen’s well-known trait for vindictiveness and bullying.” 
  3. Judge George Goodwin said, “The fact remains that if the citizens of Harris County wanted Woody Densen to sit on the bench down here, they wouldn’t have unelected him.”
Three so-called attorneys are representing The Moron for his criminal conduct and all three are working for free (pro bono). Some members of the Legal Industry actually believe that “pro bono” is the illegitimate son of Sonny and Cher. Holding such an opinion normally leads to an attorney being appointed to a judgeship. Praise the Lord! It wasn't really pro bono because they had to bear the expense of purchasing the equipment pictured to the right.
It shouldn’t be long before the Texas Judicial Commission metes out punishment to The Moron for his egregious misconduct. Given the history of the enablers and apologists sitting on the Commission, I suspect The Moron will receive a “complimentary reprimand.”




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