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When does the “Donald” trump Mitt the Wit?

We’ve all been witness to the unforgettable comedy routines put forth by the Donald and the Wit over the past year or so.
The Donald’s most memorable comedy routine was his farcical run for the Republican nomination for President. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Donald hired some SNL writers (off the books of course) to assist him.
The Wit’s comedy routines have involved his ability to support divergent views on the same topic at the same time. One must possess great comedic skills to be able to consistently agree and disagree with ones self on almost every subject. Some comedy critics on the left have referred to this as “flip-flopping.” Clearly these liberal critics are unable to appreciate real comedy!
We now have the Donald hosting a fundraiser for the Wit at his casino in Las Vegas (ca. 05/29/12). With this Dynamic Duo coordinating their comedic efforts, it will be akin to a hybrid revival of the Smothers Brothers.
The only substantive problem facing the Dynamic Duo is who will be playing the part of Dick.
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