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State Treasurer Robert Sprague: “Ohio’s 2020 Grinch” Award Winner


In a concerted effort to cement his status as an infamous Ohio Grinch, Bobby had the chutzpah to bill his campaign contributors for the following laughable (aka, anorexic) expenses.

  • $1.25: 09/08/20 – Ohio Turnpike Toll Berea, Ohio exit
  • $1.59: 11/06/20 – Potbelly Restaurant Cleveland – food/beverage expense
  • $1.85: 12/02/20 – Seasons Coffee & Bistro in Bryan, OH – food/beverage expense
  • $3.50: Pelican Coffee House in Bucyrus, OH – food/beverage expense
  • $3.60: 11/06/20 – Sundays in Kansas, OH – food/beverage expense
  • $3.75: 07/30/20 – Art & Clay in Lancaster, OH – food/beverage expense

In addition to his annual taxpayer funded salary of over $102,000, Bobby the Grinch also reported the following annual income from a trust account.

  • Merrill Lynch = $19,133.50 (blind trust)
  • Merrill Lynch = $3,620.00 bank deposit
  • Huntington Bancshares $2,850.00 (blind trust)
  • IBM = $63,313.84 (blind trust)
  • IBM = $5,852.00 (blind trust)

It is rather amazing that someone with the annual earnings of Bobby cannot afford to fork over a measly $1.59 to pay for a drink at the Potbelly Restaurant in Cleveland.


And lastly, I wonder if Booby the Grinch makes one or more of his five dependent children pay their own way when they go to a movie.


As we speak (ca. April 2021), Bobby continues to be an embarrassment to Ohioans who are forced to spend tens of thousands of their hard-earned dollars to support Bobby the Cheapskate Grinch.



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