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Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS): Today’s “Bigoted Loser” Award Winner


Shortly after the House voted to provide the District of Columbia with statehood, Roger decided it was time to further establish his bona fides as a Bigoted Loser. In so acting, Roger the Bigot introduced legislation in the Senate to make DC part of Maryland. He then made the following asinine comments, all of which were intended to be digested as red meat by his fellow bigots and low I.Q. supporters

  • “If the Democrats want D.C. statehood, make it part of Maryland.”
  • “Three months into the 117th Congress, it appears Democrats are determined to rush through power grab after power grab.”
  • “Their latest effort to grant D.C. statehood is just another example of their political greediness and goal to alter the very fabric of our republic.”
  • “Americans recognize this blatant power grab intended to increase the number of Democrat Senators so they can enact their radical agenda and forever tip the scales of power in their favor.”

In his last senate election in Kansas, Roger received 711,097 votes vs. 552,953 for his Democrat opponent, meaning he won by 158,144 votes.


Since Roger is of the firm belief that DC should become part of another state, then maybe he should support it becoming part of Missouri. Since 317,323 voters in DC that voted for Biden, they would likely vote for Roger’s opponent when and if he has the chutzpah to run for reelection when his current term expires.


And lastly, it is rumored that Roger is in the running for the 2021 David Duke Civil Rights Award.


As we speak (ca. May 2021), Roger continues to embarrass the good folks in Kansas by acting as total Moron and providing them with constituents services that are for the most part worthless.


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