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Fox’s Greg Gutfeld: Today’s “Dimwitted Loser” Award Winner


This isn’t the first award presented to Greg. In the past he has been the recipient of six (6) awards in various categories, which can be viewed by going to the listed category at the end of this article.


During a recent episode of The Greg Gutfeld Comedy Show, Greg decided to further his reputation as a Dimwitted Liar and Loser by attacking school teachers. Towards that end, Greg engaged in the following dialogue with Juan Williams.



"Often, we hear, you know, we say, Oh, you know what?'”

“The police unions look out for the best interest of the police.”

“Why is it that we would attack the teachers unions for looking out for the best interest of teachers?”


“Because they're corrupt.”

“They're lazy.”

“They're incompetent.”

“It is time; it's a perfect opportunity to destroy the system.”


Greg the Moron continued with his hyperbolic (BS) answer by attacking teacher unions by saying the following.

  • “There's a power imbalance between the teachers unions and the families.”
  • “And the only way to change that is to create competition by empowering the families to be able to spend their money -- which they can get instead of the public schools -- on something that actually helps their kids.” 

Not only is Greg a Certified Moron, he’s also a Degenerate Hypocrite for attacking teachers and the teacher’s union. This is born out by the following undisputed facts.


Attended Junipero Serra High School in Gardena, California where the teachers belong to a union

Attended the University of California Berkeley where teachers belong to a union


Wonder why Greg hasn’t personally attacked the teachers and their union at Berkeley as failing family members.


Ass-Kisser Award Winner = 3

Bullshit Award Winner = 1

Chicken Little Award Winner = 1

Lunatic Award Winner = 1 



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