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Is it "Character Assassination" to question Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capitol?


In yet another attempt to prove that he is an aspiring standup comedian, Mitt Romney has added to his comedy routine a claim that Obama is engaged in “Character Assassination" by speaking about his claims as a Job Creator.
Mitt said he is “disappointed” in Obama’s campaign for being “focused on character assassination” in going after his record at Bain Capitol. In a lame attempt at levity, Mitt went on to say, “I just think that we’re wiser to talk about the issues of the day, what we do to get America working, talk about our respective records.”
I trust Obama will steer clear of furt her assassinating Mitt's character by speaking about his record as Governor of Massachusetts. That would likely cause Mitt even more dissapointment!
Mitt's new comedy skit in painting himself as the victim of character assassination is further evidence that he'll say most anything to persuade the producers at the Comedy Channel to give him a shot at his own show if he can't defeat Obama.
If exposing Mitt’s record at Bain is “character assassination,” then couldn’t the following American Hero make the same claim?
  • Louisiana Sen. David Vitter claiming his character is being attacked as a Family Values Hypocrite by his Democrat opponent just because he was caught using the services of a prostitute
It’s time for Mitt to man up and stop acting like a spoiled sissy who was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth. As former Governor Hugh E. Long of Louisiana famously said years ago, “If y’all can’t take the heat, get da hell out of da kitchen.”


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