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Is Mitt Romney one of America’s Premier Job Creators?

The centerpiece of Mitt’s presidential run is his claim that he is a successful businessman that knows hot to create jobs. When the opposition started exposing some of those so-called job creations that resulted in massive layoffs or plant closings, Mitt claimed it was unfair.
Mitt has gone to great lengths to tell us about the tens-of-thousands  of jobs he and Bain Capitol created at (a) the Sports Authority, (b) Staples and (c) Dominos Pizza. The Sports Authority and Staples are retail stores, meaning almost all of the jobs likely pay somewhere around the minimum wage.
The vast majority of jobs at Dominos also pay minimum wage. Only an aspiring standup comedian would claim that these are good paying, middle-class jobs.
Clearly the jobs lost at GST Steel in Kansas City due to Bain and Mitt were good paying manufacturing jobs with benefits like healthcare and a pension.
I’m not aware that Dominos offers it delivery men pensions, which is likely the same for Staples and the Sports Authority. In the day (ca. 1960s) back in Toledo, Ohio we’d call these “shit jobs.”
For Romney to claim he is the poster boy for Job Creators would be like former Sen. John Edwards unabashedly claiming to be the Family Values poster boy.


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