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How will Romnomics affect Americans if Mitt “The Witt” Romney is elected?

As a well known and highly respected standup comedian, Mitt the Witt has laughingly claimed that he will be able to resolve all of the countries economic and budgetary woes once he ousts Obama from the Whitehouse.
Mitt’s idea of getting the economy roaring is to:
  1. Reduce the tax on millionaires and billionaires to the tune of trillions of dollars without any compensating budgetary savings (less tax revenue will reduce the $15 trillion national debt)
  2. Eliminate or greatly reduce federal agencies thereby eliminating 200,000 or more jobs (this will help to reduce unemployment)
  3. Repeal job-killing Dodd/Frank regulations on banks and Wall Street (the obvious cause of JP Morgan’s recent $2 billion loss)
  4. Repeal Obamacare and replace it with Romneycare (annual savings to be announced later)
  5. Move anti-poverty programs costing $600 billion a year to the private sector (JP Morgan, Koch Foundation, American Enterprise Institute) where they would be run more efficiently
Witty Mitty has many more comical ways to reduce the budget deficit and create jobs; however, he’s decided to wait until his next gig on the Comedy Channel to spill the beans.
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