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Eliminating California budget deficit by selling off State Universities

As usual, the State of California continues to suffer from ever increasing budget deficits. Gov. Jerry Brown announced on May 14, 2012 that the state’s current deficit stands at $16 billion.
In order to eliminate the deficit, Brown proposes more cuts to Medi-Cal and services for child care services. Brown also wants to cut payments to care for the disabled by 7% and reduce state payroll via a shorter workweek or wage concessions. He also proposed $500 milion in cuts to the court system.
The state now spends nearly $6 billion a year to fund state run colleges and universities. By selling off these assets, the state would save at least $6 billion a year. Selling of the UC sytstem of colleges would likely generate billions. One could only imagine how much a private entrepaneur (aka, job creator) would pay just to purchase U.C. Berkeley.
Its obvious that private universities such as Pepperdine, Stanford and USC are doing quite well without relying on the public dime.
It is highly unlikely that any buyer of a California university/college would allow for their employees to belong to a union. This fact alone would clearly be quite beneficial to Calfiornia job creators since they could greatly reduce the salaries of teachers, etc. It would also be beneficial in decimating public sector unions and the union dues they collect and spend in pursuit of their sociliast agenda.
The financial benefits to corporations and other job creators would be enormous in that the elimination of public sector unions would greatly reduce the amount of money they’d have to spend to purchase the future services of state legislators, etc.
Hopefully, Gov. Brown considers selling the university system in order to help eliminate California’s enormous budget deficit. And once the colleges and universities are sold, Gov Brown can introduce legislation to permanently outlaw public funding for education.
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