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Sean Hannity agrees to Keith Olbermann’s offer to be waterboarded

Several months ago, Sean “The Man” Hannity offered to be subjected to waterboarding to prove it was not under any circumstances “torture.” Sean went on to state he’d undergo compassionate waterboarding (is there another kind?) and do it for charity with all proceeds going to the troops’ families.
Subsequently, Keith Olbermann offered to pay to a charity $1,000 for each second that Sean “The Man” lasted while being waterboarded. Despite Mr. Olbermann’s magnanimous offer, Sean never responded to it. Thereafter, Mr. Olbermann unmercifully attacked Sean “The Man” for reneging on his promise.
After suffering well-founded, I’m sorry I mean ill-founded attacks on his masculinity by Mr. Olbermann, Sean recently arranged to be waterboarded. However, there was one hang-up as to the charity (troops’ families) that Sean had previously agreed to. Sean opined that his statements about donating all proceeds to the troops’ families, his alleged charity of choice was misinterpreted. Sean went on to say that his all time favorite charity has always been him!
With this minor misunderstanding resolved, Sean then went about being waterboarded. That event is pictured to the right. Kudos to Sean “The Man” Hannity for disproving Mr. Keith Olbermann's claim he was a wimp and a sissy.
Lastly, an unreliable source indicated that Sean "The Man" Hannity lasted a total of 0.1 seconds while undergoing what can only be described as inhumane and excructiatingly painful torture. As a result Mr. Keith Olbermann will be required to immediately send a courier to Sean's home with the $100 he is contractually entitled too.


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