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Will Mitt “The Wit” Romney take a lot of credit for killing Bin Laden?

In an effort to further prove his bona fides as an aspiring standup comedian, Witty Mitty took credit for saving the auto industry while attending a campaign event in Euclid, Ohio. The Wit said “I’ll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry’s come back.”
Most of the left-wing Maoists and America haters had the chutzpah to actually claim that The Wit’s claim of credit was pure hyperbole (BS) or even worse, a damn lie.
I suppose we can expect the “usual suspects” such as Leninists and de facto Communists on the left to go after Mitt when he rightfully takes mucho credit for whacking Bin Laden. Just because Mitt wasn’t involved in the decision to take Binny out, doesn’t mean he didn’t want to be involved.
Hopefully, level-headed members of the left will agree that Witty Mitty deserves a lot of credit for Bin Laden’s demise. These lefties should also lobby Obama to admit it and demand that he share the limelight with Mitt.
If it weren’t for Witty Mitty’s courage under fire, Bin Laden would still be kicking and Detroit would have been the one that got whacked.
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