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Judge Gloria Sturman of Las Vegas, NV; one of the Good Gals


The state of Pennsylvania provided Gloria Sturman with a law license in 1982 after she graduated from Arizona State University School of Law.


In one matter, Judge Sturman was unfortunately assigned to preside over a case involving the Trump campaign and Donald “Trumporleone” Trump’s attempt to challenge the outcome of the election and to order a preliminary injunction to prohibit certifying Joe Biden as the winner.


In addition, the Trump team and The Great Leader asked Judge Sturman to strike down the Nevada law that allowed for the influx of mail-in votes.


In denying the sham relief sought by The Great Leader and his incompetent attorneys, Judge Sturman stated the following.

  • "The civil remedy of throwing out an election is just a shocking ask."
  • "You are asking me to throw out 1.4 million votes on the chance that somewhere between 250 and 8,000 people should not have voted."

Kudos to Judge Sturman for exhibiting the courage, fortitude, and ethics in denying the overt attempt by The Great Leader to overturn the will of the Nevada voters.


As we speak (ca. December 2020), Judge Sturman continues to sit as an 8th Judicial District Court judge in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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