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Today’s Judicial Misfit is: Will County Illinois Judge Daniel Rozak

Judge Daniel (Il Dulce) Rozak of Joliet, Illinois is an embarrassment to all well-intentioned and practicing tyrannical-despots.
On August 11, 2009, Judge Daniel (aka, Il Dulce) Rozak yet again proved he was an absolutist-bully when he sentenced Clifton Williams to six-months in jail for criminal contempt upon his magisterial court (Is there another kind?).
And what criminal conduct did Mr. Williams engage in? Well folks, he had the unmitigated audacity to “raise his hand” while “yawning.” However, to be excruciatingly fair to Judge Daniel Rozak, he claims it was a “loud yawn” that caused him to “break from the proceedings.” (Chicago Tribune)
The temerity of Mr. Williams to yawn coupled with raising his hand is conduct that can not be tolerated in a civilized society, let alone the majestic courtroom of any Judge, and in particular that of King Daniel Rozak, right? If this kind of egregious criminal conduct is not severely punished, then what kind of contemptuous conduct would our aristocratic judges be subjected to in the future?
One could only imagine Judge Daniel Rozak’s reaction if some 85-year-old Grandma accidently passed gas (not an anomaly among the elderly) in his imperial courtroom. Clearly, Judge Rozak would have no choice but to find her guilty of criminal contempt and sentence Granny to at least 12-months of hard time. Of course if Granny were to protest by saying, “What kind of crap is this Your Honor?” then Judge Rozak would be obliged to increase the sentence to 24 or more months in jail.
Judge Daniel Rozak’s sentencing of Mr. Williams is so absurd that it doesn’t even pass the involuntary laugh test. This buffoon (my apologies to buffoons) should rightfully be tossed off the bench. Mr. Williams’ father said, “I was flabbergasted because I didn’t realize a judge could do that.” (Chicago Tribune) With all due respect to Mr. Williams’ naiveté, judges can do any damn thing that want. And if ya don’t believe it, just ask Judge Daniel Rozak and those of his ilk!
Contrast Mr. Williams’ punishment of six-months in jail to that imposed by our esteemed Judicial Disciplinary Commissions in regards to egregious criminal and/or quasi-criminal conduct engaged in by judges. Here are a few examples proving that we (that’d be you) are held to a much higher standard of conduct then members of the judiciary.
  • Multiple instances of perjury: punishment – complimentary reprimand
  • Thefts of public funds: punishment – none
  • Use of the “N” word: punishment – attend racial sensitivity class
  • Sexual assaults on female staff: punishment – complimentary reprimand
  • Surfing for porn on government computers – punishment – complimentary reprimand
  • Sexual harassment of court employees: punishment – attend sensitivity class
What can we expect in the future from Judge Daniel Rozak? Will he order that those who enter his courtroom will be made to “genuflect” and/or “bow” when the King approaches his throne? After all, doesn’t his exalted position as caliph, czar, sultan, and Chief Potentate of the Will County District Court demand such respect? Hail to Caesar!
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