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Should Billionaires pay their fair share of taxes? Of course not!

Socialists like Obama would have us believe that Billionaires should pay the same percentage in federal taxes as some loser working a union job for GM in Flint, Michigan.
Everyone knows that Billionaires are America’s premier “Job Creators.” Therefore, workers that belong to socialist unions should show some gratitude to these Great American Patriots for providing them with an opportunity to put some bread on the table.
As we speak (ca. May 2012) many billionaires are being unduly punished in being forced to pay as much as 15% in federal income (capitol gain) taxes. Put simply, an American Hero earning a mere $3 billion in 2011 would pay a confiscatory $450 million to the socialists in D.C.
Compare this American Hero’s tax bill to that of a union thug working at the Chevy Transmission plant in Toledo that earned $60,000 in 2011 and paid a miserly 30% in federal taxes.
If we’re lucky enough to elect Romney, there’s a decent chance that the capitol gain tax rate of 15% that is destroying the opportunity for Billionaire Job Creators to create good paying $8 an hour jobs could be reduced to 5% or less.
The lost revenue can easily be made up by increasing the taxes on the benefactors of Billionaire Job Creators (that’d be you) who earn $25 an hour or less to 39.8%. This is only fair since the median taxable income for these ingrates has gone down the last several years thereby depriving the government of much needed funds.
It’s high time that blue collar workers begin to show a little appreciation for the sacrifices being made by America’s Premier Billionaire Job Creators and demand that Congress reduce the capitol gains tax to 5% or less.
And lastly, forget about what Warren Buffet has said about paying his fair share.  He was problably under the influence of some controlled substance when he made those shameful Anti-American comments about his secretary paying a higher rate then he does. 
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