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Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ): Today’s “Moron” Award Winner


This isn’t the first Award presented to Andy. In the past, he has been the recipient of four (4) Awards. Those awards are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed category.


Andy is another in a long list of loser attorneys like Sen. Lindsey Graham and Mitch “Moscow Mitch” McConnell that decided to go into politics after learning how difficult it was to earn a dishonest living practicing law after he graduated in from University of Arizona School of Law. Therefore, he decided to go into the second most ethical profession (used car salesman No. 1), politics.


In an ongoing effort to further establish his bona fides as a trusted Sycophantic Trump Ass-Kisser and an Aspiring Standup Comedian, Andy decided to act as an enabler for Dr. Scott Atlas who was appointed by The Great Leader to


FYI: Dr. Scott Atlas is a neuroradiologist who has no experience in public health or infectious diseases. Despite Atlas’ incompetence and ignorance about infectious diseases like COVID-19, The Great Leader appointed him to serve as a senior advisor on the White House Coronavirus Task Force.


After applying a thick coat of Industrial Strength Boudreaux’s Butt Paste for that ultimate protection, Andy spewed forth the following crap in support Dr. Atlas and more importantly The Great Leader.

  • “Thank goodness that President Trump has appointed a knowledgeable, credible counterbalance to the Coronavirus Taskforce.”
  • “Dr. Scott Atlas is not a bureaucrat like Dr. Anthony Fauci or Dr. Deborah Birx; he is a world-renowned scientist and physician who seems to actually study the totality of the impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic.”

Andy’s claim that Dr. Atlas is a “world-renowned scientist” is pure Bullshit. Atlas’ resume is:

  • Senior Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, a conservative public policy think tank
  • Served as a senior advisor for health care to the Republican presidential campaign of Rudy Giuliani
  • Advocates for school reopening and resumption of college sports during the pandemic
  • Leading proponent within the Trump administration for a "herd immunity" approach to the virus, which calls for everyone in the country to become infected with COVID-19 in hopes it will peter out
  • Expressed skepticism that face masks are effective "scientifically" to halt the spread of the virus

Referring to Dr. Atlas as a “Quack” based on his positions as set forth above would be a disservice to all those hardworking, dedicated Quacks running amuck throughout the country.


As we speak (ca. September 2020), Dr. Atlas continues to provide The Great Leader with his off the wall advice on treating COVID-19.


Ass-Kisser Award Winner = 4


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