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Ann “The Man” Coulter comments on Liberals and assorted Hedonists


Rev. Ann Coulter is a well-respected apologist and enabler of those who seek to deliver us from the evil of liberalism and secularism. Annie is well-known for her unbiased reporting on the agenda of the liberal hedonists who are hell-bent on destroying America as we know it. 
I suspect that it won’t be long before Annie wins multiple Pulitzer Prizes in the fields of (a) public service, (b) commentary, and (c) editorial writing. I dare any respected journalist to name any other author/writer that deserves these awards more than Annie. 
Here are some samples of Annie’s Christian commentary, all of which evidences her zeal to serve the public interest with distinguished commentary and editorializing; albiet in a family values, born-again-Christian way.
  • Even Islamic terrorists don’t hate Americans like liberals do
  • If Americans knew what [liberals] really believed, they’d boil them in oil.  (Not at $140 a barrel, sez Halliburton’s ex-CEO Dick "Big Dick" Cheney!)
  • Conservatives are the most tolerant people in America. (Yeah, Rush Limbaugh’s tolerance of OxyContin proves Annie’s right!)
  • Liberals are terrorists that hate democracy
  • The Democratic message is socialism (aka, “communism”) and atheism. 
  • God has no part in the religion of feminism. [Keep-em barefoot and pregnant, that’s the R-I-G-H-T thing to do, ain’t it Annie?]
  • God has no part in the religion of sex education. (R-I-G-H-T again Annie! That mission was assigned to and successfully carried out by Right Rev. Jimmy Swaggart, right?)
  • Liberals are guilty of fifty years of treason. (That would include that God and America hater ex. Georgia Sen. Max Cleland, right Annie Baby?)
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